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Jim  Parr
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Principal's Corner

Welcome Back!

Welcome back students, parents and families!

Let me introduce or reintroduce myself. I am Jim Parr and I am the Associate Principal at Lewis Arriola and Pleasant View elementary schools. I say reintroduce because as many of you may know I spent six years as the 5th grade teacher at L.A. So it is an honor and privilege to be back to a place that seems like home.


School Happenings:

Lewis Arriola is committed to providing our students with the highest level of education that will propel them into the future and prepare them to be successful in subsequent years of education and beyond. In keeping with this ideal the Lewis Arriola staff and entire RE-1 school district has chosen reading and improved reading performance as an overall targeted goal for the 2014-15 school year. To accomplish this at Lewis we will continue to employ the Success For All (SFA) reading program and additionally provide targeted instruction where needed. To support this effort the district has adopted the STAR assessment system and discontinued the use of MAP testing. STAR testing is more flexible than previous systems in that it allows teachers to administer testing when needed as opposed to only a few times per year. This allows teachers to have virtually up-to-the-minute diagnostic information for the purpose of guiding instruction. Parents and families can assist by encouraging students to read. As with most things, the more you practice the better you get at it.

Despite the high level of attention given to reading, our other areas of content will hardly go unnoticed. Math, Writing, Social Studies and Science will continue be major areas of emphasis and often integrated with one another to provide authentic, real-world educational experiences. District wide at the elementary levels we have adopted the Engage New York math program in place of Everyday Math to bolster student performance in this content area as well.

In addition to our reading goal, we have also added a school wide goal to have an attendance rate of 97%! Having our kiddos here on time, every day is the best way we can help prepare them for the future.Parents and families can help by making sure students have enough rest and eat a healthy breakfast before coming to school! 

Those are just a couple of things going on at Lewis Arriola as we get started this year. I look forward to meeting parents and families at our Back-to-School night on Monday August 25th @ 6:30pm.

Let's have a great year!


Jim Parr

Associate Principal